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The Gear Locker RAMP Review

The Gear Locker

Over the summer, TGL was sent two RAMP (Rapid Access Magazine Pod) from Gear4Grunts to test and evaluate. If you are not familiar with the RAMP, Imagine a your M4/M16 magwell. That is in essence what RAMP is. It is a copy of the magwell section of the M4/M16 that has four attachment clips on the back to attach to MOLLE or PALS webbing.

The RAMP is designed as your Ready-Mag. You can quickly remove an M4/M16 magazine from the RAMP, and quickly resupply your weapon. Gear4Grunts designed it with the intent of the user not having to take their eyes off of the target as they reloaded.

Installation is pretty easy,and only took us about 10 minutes in total to do. What you first have to do is attach the RAMP’s two, downward facing attchment points to your MOLLE or PALS webbing, and then pull down. You then repeat the step for the other two attachment points. Once all four attachment points were secured, there was no play with the RAMP on our gear.

To insert your M4/M16 magazine, simply slide it into the RAMP, and it can only fit one way so you will know if it is going in right. Once the M4 magazine is in place, it is not going anywhere. We found that it took a very strong tug to remove the magazine from the RAMP.

Now, placement of the RAMP is up to the user. Just make sure that you have enough clearence to remove the magazine upward or downward.

When we tested it, we found it worked as advertised, and securly held the magazine in place. For those that say it is the same as the ITW Fastmag, I would say that it falls into the same class as the FastMag, but the RAMP is a single piece of injected molded plastic, where the FastMag is two pieces secured by a tension band. Both work well, and we have used the FastMag in the past. 

The weight of the RAMP empty is negligiable, and we did not feel that it weighed our gear down more than before. I would suggest to G4G that the squares on the face of RAMP be textured or stimpled. It was a little slick and, personally, we liked to have a more tactile feel when using gloves.

The RAMP retails for $24.95 and is available in Dark OD Green, Black, Foliage Green, and Light Earth (Model Tested) and you can order directly from the Gear4Grunts site HERE.