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Tactical Madness RAMP Review

Tactical Madness

The R.A.M.P., Rapid Access Magazine Pod, from Gear4Grunts is an outstanding piece of equipment.. Its a new generation of Fast Mag, mainly for its design. Unlike other fast mags with elastic bands surounding the structure of the mag and other mechanical bits and pieces, the R.A.M.P. is one solid piece of solid military grade polymer. I believe sometimes the easy ideas are the ones that work better!


The R.A.M.P. has been designed to make reloading of your AR15/M4 faster and a main feature is that it has to be attched to your vest or war belt upsidedown, this because it simulates the mag well of your carbine. I'll explain it better, with standard mag pouches what you usually do is grab the mag, give it a 180° turn and then push it into your rifle. With the R.A.M.P. all of this is not needed as reloading is made with one simple/easy movement, a 180° spin is not needed anymore and thats why you are faster. Its as if you are just getting the mag out of 1 carbine into another! (see pics hereunder)

The R.A.M.P. supports all 30 rounds Military issue 5.56/.223 magazines. Personally I've tried it out with standard alluminium ones, PMags and TangoDown mags (as per pics) and they all fit perfectly.

Don't be afraid of losing them as the structure of the R.A.M.P. keeps the mags well in place.. I've ran, jumped, done everything possible to make the mag fall out....... I was not able to do it!


As you will see from the short video hereunder as I run out of ammo my first instinct is to go for my mag in the Fast Mag on my war belt, thats just because I am still used to doing that.. keep in mind it was the first time I've ever used a R.A.M.P!

Anyway, in a fraction of a second my mind switches to the R.A.M.P. on my vest and you can all see how reloading is faster, no flaps to open, no 180° mag spin, no fuss just a simple and easy movement from one well to another.

So again pls excuse my initial fault, I'm just glad I was able to recover very fast ;)))


The R.A.M.P. is a great product, the guys at Gear4Grunts did a great job and surely I will be sponsoring them.. Now lets see what other cool stuff they come out with.. surely they have something in mind!!

Easy, solid, fast... R.A.M.P