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Four Guys Guns RAMP Review

Four Guys Gun

I reached out to one fine day because we saw something on the internet. RAMP. What the hell is a RAMP 5.56? It looked like someone sawed the top off a PMAG and I didn’t quite get it? So I did some more digging, sent an email or two and even got a call from the owner and inventor of the RAMP system. He had some very valid points to share with me, and we got very interested very quickly.

RAMP stands for Rapid Access Magazine Pod. What separates this magazine holder from the rest of the “high-speed” gear is several factors. Things that make this product so amazingly simple and durable, you have to appreciate the reliability of the simplicity (if that makes sense). It’s kind of hard to break parts that aren’t there. It is a one piece, polymer mag holder with hooks that work with PALs and Molle gear. It’s shape and material have superb magazine retention and can be mounted anyway you can get those hooks in. The inventor explained to me what he was going for in development of this product, and the reasons behind it, and the more he spoke about it, the more I needed to get my hands on one.

The RAMP allows you to mount your magazines “inverted” to the way you are used to mounting, stacking or putting in pouches. I say “inverted” in quotes because after you use this thing for a bit, the “traditional” way to hold your ammo in pouches or on your rig seems a little “old fashioned”.

You literally just have to get a good grip, yank down on your magazine, and then slam up into the weapon. You can no longer talk about “wasted motion” in weapons manipulation without bringing this product up. I have seen some fast reloads, redi-mags, composite mag holders with rubber bands and magnets and RAMPS wins hands down for speed, wins again for reliability, and by the way, they weigh nothing.

So keep in mind, I have to talk about Reliability carefully just to cover my own rear. I have had the product and used it for maybe 2 days without flaw. In talking to the inventor however, he has frozen it and used it, heated it and used it and even built a machine to slam a magazine in and out of it 100,000 times. If you cycled your mags 10 times a day, everyday, in the RAMP, that is 27 years of use. That is a lot. The only time I had any hiccups at all is in the instances where I did not insert or pull the mag out like a big boy or got cocky with it. In with authority, and out with authority. This system is just awesome and remains on my chest rig. I now want a new rig just so I can deck it out with more RAMPS.

Check them out at for $29.95. They come in a wide variety of colors to match your gear. Gear4Grunts is a veteran owned business, and the RAMP was designed by the same man. Tired of the current system employed by everyone, the weight and dirt and crud that gets in....this man is PASSIONATE about his product and he should be. We would recommend RAMPS to anyone who wants their: reloads fast, bullets right side up, bullets clean, gear lighter... we could keep going on but I think you get it. Video is up too, not a huge demo, but definitely a little better than all this reading.