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Rapid Access Magazine Pod (RAMP) Review

The Gun Guys

I hate mag pouches. I mean, I need them because sticking mags in your various pants pockets sort of sucks, but mag pouches suck too. Here’s the problem: generally your mag sticks out the top. That means you are twisting your arm over to grab a mag so that you can swing it forward, twisting your hand back to normal in order to shove that magazine into your Firearm. 

 I did find a horizontal mag pouch once while searching around, but it was still awkward because I had no easy place to mount it. So, on my war belts and plate carrier I use normal rifle magazine pouches. Snap topped, bungeed topped, velcro flap topped, open topped… I have them all. And they all suck in various ways, and most make magazine changes slow. Except now I also run RAMPs by - they have changed how I want to carry my magazines for quick reloads. 

RAMP stands for Rapid Access Magazine Pod, and that does sum up what they are. These little guys allow you to keep your mags in an open bottom holder, magazine inverted and hanging from below, allowing you to have your hand in a natural position holding the magazine with your whole hand, instead of just two fingers like with a normal mag pouch, to pull the magazine out and shove it into your rifle with ease. Oh hell yeah – No more chicken winging to pull a mag! You don’t even have to take your eyes off your target while you drop your mag, pull the new mag out, and slam it into your rifle. 

It’s a great idea: make the movements involved be smooth and quick, and completely natural. I’ve been running 2 of them on my carrier’s