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Raise your hand if you hate versatility! Who needs the flexibility to use something you buy in multiple ways, letting you keep all that useless money you work hard for instead of buying similar products to fill in those additional roles? Wait, nobody raised their hand? Hmm… Well, fine, be that way. I’ll help you save a few buck by showing you the Gear4Grunts upcoming MOLLE to Duty Belt Adapter – called the RAMP-DBA.

You are probably familiar with the Gear4Grunts RAMP system that provides quick access to your magazines. We loved those units so much that we’ve been keeping an eye on the team over at Gear4Grunts to see what else they came up with. What we didn’t expect was this neat little adapter to use MOLLE gear (specifically the RAMP) on a Duty belt. No longer are you stuck buying a different system to allow speedy reloads to switch to your Duty belt (or War Belt). Instead, take your RAMP, attach it to the MOLLE on the adapter like normal, wrap the adapter around your belt so the velcro holds it tight and go do your thing. I love simple products that work awesome!

The way it works is that it uses 3 panels to wrap around the belt. This sucker holds extremely well – I couldn’t pullimage it off my belt no matter how hard I tried, unless I actually pulled the removal tab on it. While debris coating the velcro could in theory become an issue, like with all velcro, but since it’s not an item you constantly open and close I’m not worried about it becoming a problem. Just set it and forget it for the most part.

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You can use it to either hold your mags hanging down or upright so it’s flexible enough to use it however you want.