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Fortitude Tactical Group RAMP Review

Fortitude Tactical Group

Doug Mullen, Owner of Gear 4 Grunts, graciously sent FORTAC two of his Rapid Access Magazine Pods(RAMPs) for T&E. Doug (a fellow grunt) came up with these after assessing current magazines pouches on the market, and wondering why anyone hasn’t come up with a truly new design to accomplish that task since WWI.




The RAMP is molded out of high strength, lightweight, military grade polymer, and has absolutely zero moving parts. That means no molle straps to come undone, no rubber or elastic retention bands to wear out or tear, and no snaps, buckles, buttons or anything else to break or wear out. In lieu of MOLLE straps, MALICE clips, or the usual weave-type attachment, the RAMP uses opposing hooks that slip securely over MOLLE to attach. Instead of going over the attachment method, here’s a link to the RAMP Users Guide.